Be a Superstar with Band Stars: American Idol®

To celebrate season XIV of AMERICAN IDOL®, Band Stars is getting a star-studded transformation! 6 new characters inspired by IDOL would love to join your band. Plus, there's a new recording studio, instrument skins and new challenges!

Form a band, hit the stage and make a number one smash hit!


Record Hit Songs!

Form your band by hiring musicians from tons super-cool characters, each with their own style. Deck out your studio with new instruments and gear and train your band members in rhythm, melody and more.

Record great music to impress critics and fans, and build your reputation as the hottest band in the world!


Band Stars Features

  • Free to Play!
  • It's easy! No musical talent required
  • Compete with your friends
  • Unlock 50+ unique band members
  • Pull off insane solos
  • Hire and train your band members
  • Blend genre & lyrical styles
  • Complete more than 200 challenges

Thanks To All Our Fans!


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